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Event Recap

Black Homeowner Meetup Event Recap – July 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, let me take you back to the incredible Black Homeowners July Meetup where we had the privilege of hosting the one and only Cabby Albright, the owner and designated broker of Better Properties Renton. This event was a game-changer, tackling the crucial topics that matter most to us as Black homeowners.

Cabby dropped some serious knowledge on us, covering a wide range of subjects that left us empowered and ready to take charge of our financial destinies. We dug deep into different trust options, learning how to protect and grow our property assets like never before.

But that’s not all, folks! Cabby shared secrets on turning our properties into powerful wealth-building tools. We discovered strategies to maximize the value of our homes and create a lasting legacy for generations to come. This was a game plan like no other!

Now, let me tell you, Cabby didn’t hold back when it came to exposing those predatory lenders. She armed us with the know-how to spot them a mile away, ensuring we never fall victim to their shady practices. We’re taking control of our financial future, y’all!

And let’s not forget about negotiation skills. Cabby spilled the beans on how to hustle and get the best sale price for our properties. We’re not settling for anything less than what we deserve, and Cabby showed us the way!

But it wasn’t just about talk, folks. This meetup was about coming together as a community. We connected with fellow Black homeowners, building those crucial networks and sharing ideas. The energy was off the charts, and let me tell you, it was contagious!

And guess what? We didn’t stop there. We gave out FREE Black Legacy Homeowners Yard Signs. That’s right—representing our network and showing the world that we stand strong and proud.

To all you amazing folks who showed up, I wanna give you a big shoutout. Your presence made this event unforgettable. We’re on a mission, y’all—to tackle the challenges we face, promote equitable opportunities, and build a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come.

So let’s keep the momentum going! Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives from Black Legacy Homeowners. Together, we got this!